About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi (which means in Arabic "Father of the gazelle") is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and the biggest of the seven Emirates.

The Emirate lies on the borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman and the Arabian Gulf. The emirate contains 200 islands and has 700 kilometers coastline.

Covering around 87% of the UAE's aggregate area region, Abu Dhabi has 94 % of the nation's oil reserves and, as the world's fourth biggest oil maker, contributes 10% of the world's oil. 

An activity for enhancing its economy has advanced Abu Dhabi into a magnet of foreign investment. 

It is presently a cosmopolitan city and has one of the highest per capita incomes and one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Abu Dhabi mixes luxury and style with traditional values of reception and respect. 

It's a spot where sunny climate, tranquil shorelines, rich desert gardens, lively city life and a blend of society and customs meet up to make an ordeal like no other.  

Abu Dhabi is an energizing, vibrant, multi-social city and a truly universal capital. It is amongst the most discussed urban communities on the planet. – because there is so much going on. Every day there is something new in Abu Dhabi. 

The city's dynamic vision is tempered by a profound admiration for traditions and culture.  

The artifacts and tools of its early inhabitants, pearl divers, fishermen and dhow builders, are carefully preserved and displayed. Especially honoured is the Bedouin way of life. 

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is between November and March a moderate, warm weather prevails amid the day at a normal temperature of 26°C, with cooler night temperatures averaging 15°C. Humidity levels rise significantly in the summer months, between June and August.

Top Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi:   

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