Terms & Conditions

1. Insurance:

Full Comprehensive insurance is provided subject to current U.A.E Law. The Hirer is liable for the first AED [900-3500] varies per car category - against claims resulting from each and every accident including (hit-and-run) reporting you at fault (as evidenced by a Police report). This can be waived by buying the super collision damage waiver (SCDW).

2. Kilometers Driven:

Kilometers are limited to 250km/day or 1500km/week or 5000km/month, where additional kilometers will be chargeable @ 0.3 - 0.5/km varies by vehicle’s group and category.

3. Maintenance:

It includes routine servicing at 1,500 Km (1st Service), oil change at every 5,000 Km, and major servicing at every 10,000 Km or at every six months whichever comes first.

4. Replacement Vehicle/s:

In the event of routine service and maintenance, a replacement vehicle nearest in size to the hired one, as is possible, will be provided at no extra cost.

5. Accidents:

In the event of any damage or accident to the car, police must be called before the vehicle is moved and a police report and a repair slip must be obtained. Should these documents failed to be obtained, then the Hirer is responsible for all damages incurred. “The obtaining of these documents will be the responsibility of the Hirer”.

6. Traffic Violations & Salik:

All costs incurred as a result of Fines or other Penalties (imposed by traffic police or any other legal authorities) taking place during the rental will be client’s responsibility and would be recovered accordingly.
Additional charges are applicable for Salik (Dubai Tollgate pass) at Dhs.5/pass.
There will be a 10% additional service charge on top of traffic fine charges and AED1/- on top of each Salik charge.

7. Fuel, Water, Oil & Tire Pressure

Special or Unleaded fuel is to be used. 
20% service charge is added to the refueling cost. 
It is the responsibility of the hirer to check water and oil levels as well as tires pressure and damages caused due to the neglecting of the same are not covered and would be considered as vehicle misuse and the due cost is the hirer liability.

8. Vehicle Offhire or Check-In Policy: - “Condition & Nonsmoking”

The Hirer must keep the hired vehicle in a clean, safe, and sound condition. Otherwise charges may be applied. 
Smoking is prohibited inside Europcar Vehicles and offenders will be charged AE300/- against violating the same. 
Hirer must inform Europcar of his intention to return the vehicle at another premise or other Emirate, and must define the date and time otherwise excess days would be charged to him. 
At the time of vehicle’s off-hire, the cost of any un-reported damage/s as well as damages with no police report/s would be fully charged to hirer account. 

09. Driving License & Driver’s Age:

Any driver, of age above 21 years, holding an accepted and valid driving license of at least 1 year old, is entitled to drive our rented vehicle/s under full insurance coverage where maximum accepted age for a driver is 80years old subject to physically fit to drive.

UAE Driving license is a must for all residents, while International driving license is required from visitors (excluding visitors from European Union & other countries as per declaration #126/2008), GCC Residents can drive with their GCC Driving License.

10. Payment & Deposit:

Payment terms are negotiated at the time of rental where credit card payments are preferable. Rental charges will be collected directly at the time of vehicle’s check-out, and a pre-authorization.

Deposit amount of estimated rental charge plus AED1500/- will be blocked on client’s credit card to cover possible traffic fines; the same will be automatically released in 3-4 weeks’ time as long as no Traffic Fine/s gets recorded on client’s rental. (Europcar is not responsible for any difference between the amount blocked & the amount released resulting from the fluctuation of foreign exchange rates and other possible banking charges).

Cash or Debit cards are not accepted by Europcar as a mean of payment.

11. Delivery / Collection of vehicle:

Delivery / Collection of vehicle are chargeable and vary according to distance from/to Abu Dhabi down Town at a minimum charge of Dhs.30/- each way. 

12. Airport Surcharge:

Airport Surcharge of Dhs.25/- will be applicable to any Rental starting at Abu Dhabi Int’l Airport (unless differently specified).

13. Breakdown Service:

We offer 24 hours breakdown service. Clients have to contact our fleet controller # 050-6210795
to receive help.

14. Additional Charges:

Additional charges are applicable for Nav/GPS system, tracker system, child/baby seats, or any other additional requirements.

15. Additional Driver/s:

Additional driver can only be accepted following submission of his/her relevant driving licenses and passport copies, and subject to europcar rules of “qualified driver” in accordance with UAE federal traffic law. The same will incurred extra cost of Dhs.25/day/driver with a maximum amount of Dhs.150/driver/ Rental Contract (daily, weekly, monthly), with a maximum number of 3 additional drivers.

16. Value Added Tax (VAT):

Government taxes & other levies will be charged to client as required by the current legislations of UAE. Currently VAT = 5%.

17. Driving Outside UAE & Off-Road Driving

Our vehicles are not permitted to be driven outside UAE excluding to Oman,
The same can’t happen without our consent & permission; we will provide client/s with needed documents after paying Oman insurance coverage Fee of AED750/- for a period of (1-7) days then AED100/- per each additional day with a maximum amount of AED1500/- .
In the event of breakdown/accident, client is responsible to bring the vehicle to Oman - UAE Borders.

Our vehicles are not permitted to be used for Safari/Fun-drive; client will be held liable to pay all damage, necessary repairs & towing charges if he failed to adhere with the same.

18. Non-Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited inside Europcar vehicles and offenders are responsible to pay a penalty charge of Dhs300/- to europcar against violating the same.

19. Usage of Vehicle/s:-

Hirer commits that he won’t allow anybody to drive the rented vehicle unless been authorized By Europcar. 
Hirer undertakes that neither he nor any of the listed additional drivers will use the vehicle in, Pushing, Pulling or Towing objects, Races & Fun Drive, Rough Roads & desert Safaris, Teach Driving, rent the vehicle without Europcar permission.

Hirers that fail to adhere with same will be held responsible & liable for all charges resulting from damages, penalties, fines & other dues. 
Hirer commits that he/any additional driver will not drive the vehicle outside UAE except to OMAN subject to a pre-approval from Europcar.

20. Vehicle Check-out & Check-in:-

Europcar will conduct a vehicle check -out & check–in at the time of handing over or receiving the vehicle to ensure the conditions and status of the rented vehicles.

21. Confirmed Reservation Policy:-

(a). The Europcar rental location (check out location) is required to provide, within a given period, the requested vehicle category as confirmed at time of booking and subject to the renter meeting rental requirements.

(b). A confirmed reservation is guaranteed for one of the following periods:-

For one   (1) hour after the due check out time, for the standard level of service,

For two   (2) hours, for the Ready service at a Ready rental location,

For three (3) hours, for First cardholders at any rental location,

For no limit of hours, for prepaid booking, until the closing time of the rental location on that given date.

22. Vehicle Returns:-

a- Early Returns:-

1. If you return the Vehicle before the return date and time stated on the Rental Agreement then the Hire Period will end when you return the Vehicle to Europcar Branch and hand the Vehicle keys to a Europcar agent.
2. If you prepaid at the booking stage we will not refund any unused prepaid daily rental days
3. If, at the booking stage, you opted to pay-on-arrival and you return the Vehicle earlier than planned, then one additional rental day charge will be added to your bill as an early return penalty charge.

b- Late Return:-

We allow you a grace period of 59 minutes after the due return time and date shown on your Rental Agreement as been initially booked and advised as return details.

c- Fail to Return: -

If you fail to do so, and you have not extended the Hire Period and we do not hear from you for a period of 24 hours concerning the delay in its return, we will regard the Vehicle as having been stolen and will report this to the police. We will take all lawful means to recover the Vehicle (which may include repossessing it or applying for a Court Order requiring you to return it and/or pay us an amount equal to the Vehicle’s market value).

Call our reservations team: 97126261441

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