The Leasing Solutions of Europcar

Europcar operates a large number of fleet with varieties of vehicles from all major automobile manufactures in UAE .
Europcar provides end to end solutions through leasing to the corporate looking to outsource the whole transportation
acquisition, management and resale process for a fixed monthly cost for using a particular vehicle without any risks relating
to maintenance overspend and losses on resale risks.

Contracts for more than 12 to 36 months leasing will be given latest models / brand new cars. 

At end of the contract period you do not have to worry about the disposal of the car. The customer is immune to the
fluctuations in the used car prices and needs to pay a fixed lease rental as agreed at commencement of the lease .

In taking a vehicle on lease you do not have to worry about all the service elements associated with the car such as repair,
maintenance, accident management, 24/7 assistance and replacement car etc

Services Included

Client services call center (24/7)

Full fleet maintenance at authorized garages with high quality control.

Tires change and storage room.

Free of charge roadside and towing services (24/7)

Supply of an alternative car on availability in case of breakdown or accident.

Leasing plan tailored to your needs.

Europcar takes care of all the paper work like registration, renewal, maintenance, and insurance, Salik etc, which saves the
time of the customers and manpower as well.

For more information please contact: Email: Tel: +971 2 626 14 41 Ext. 24,25, 42,  Fax: +971 2 626 88 70

Call our reservations team: 97126261441

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